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Top 100 favorites From 2007

  1. On Call- Kings Of Leon

  2. Smokers Outside The Hospital Door- Editors

  3. No I In Threesome- Interpol

  4. Breath- Breaking Benjamin

  5. Satellite- Guster

  6. House Of Cards- Radiohead

  7. Phantom Limb- The Shins

  8. Hard Sun- Eddie Vedder

  9. The Pretender- Foo Fighters

  10. Makes Me Wonder- Maroon 5

  11. What I’ve Done- Linkin’ Park

  12. Well Enough Alone- Chevelle

  13. Escape In The Nest- Editors

  14. No Such Thing- Chris Cornell

  15. 1973- James Blunt

  16. Wherever It Takes- Lifehouse

  17. The Heinrich Maneuver- Interpol

  18. Wish Upon A Dog Start- Satellite Party

  19. She’s Made Of Chalk- Kashmir

  20. Keep The Car Running- Arcade Fire

  21. Australia- The Shins

  22. Dig- Incubus

  23. Straight Lines- Silverchair

  24. Famous- Puddle Of Mudd

  25. Your Love Alone Is Not Enough- Manic Street Preacher

  26. Children Of December- The Slip

  27. The Underdog- Spoon

  28. You Know My Name- Chris Cornell

  29. Time Is A Runaway- The Alternate Routes

  30. First Time- Lifehouse

  31. I Get It- Chevelle

  32. Noticed- Mute Math

  33. She’s The New Thing- The Horrors

  34. White People For Pace- Against Me!

  35. One Love- Aiden

  36. Down Is The New Up- Radiohead

  37. No Cars Go- Arcade Fire

  38. Everything- Buckcherry

  39. Long Distance Call- Phoenix

  40. For Reasons Uknown- The Killers

  41. Man’s Needs- The Cribs

  42. It's Not Over Yet- Klaxons

  43. The Scale- Interpol

  44. Everything’s Magic- Angels And Airwaves

  45. Nude- Radiohead

  46. In View- Tragically Hip

  47. Reena- Sonic Youth

  48. The Running Free- Coheed And Cambria

  49. Over You- Daughtry

  50. Far Behind- Eddie Vedder

  51. All I Need- Radiohead

  52. Snow- Red Hot Chilli Peppers

  53. Beg- Evans Blue

  54. Forever- Papa Roach

  55. Better Than Me- Hinder

  56. An End Has A Start- Editors

  57. Manifest Destiny/Sorority Tears- Guster

  58. Grace Kelly- Mika

  59. Golden Skans- Klaxons

  60. Hang Me Up To Dry- Cold War Kids

  61. Creeps Me Out - Ima Robot --- (2006)

  62. Wolf Like Me- Tv On The Radio---(2006)

  63. Yer Not The Ocean- The Tragically Hip

  64. Typical- Mute Math

  65. Naïve- The Kooks

  66. Prepare For The Fight- The Lovemakers

  67. Hump The Bump- Red Hot Chili Pepper

  68. In The Clouds- Under The Influence of Giants

  69. The State Of Massachusetts- Dropkick Murphy’s

  70. Been There All The Time- Dinosaur Jr.

  71. Ruby- Kaiser Chiefs

  72. How Far We’ve Come- Matchbox 20

  73. Guitar- Prince

  74. Let It Die- Foo Fighters

  75. Into The Night- Santana

  76. Dogs- Damien Rice.

  77. Charmer- Kings Of Leon

  78. It’s Not Over- Chris Daughtry

  79. The Last Fight- Velvet Revolver

  80. Trash Unreal- Against Me!

  81. Tarantula- Smashing Pumpkins

  82. Psycho- Puddle Of Mudd

  83. Falling Down- Duran Duran

  84. Long Road To Ruin- Foo Fighters

  85. Pictures Of You- The Last Goodnight

  86. Bubbly- Colibe Callat

  87. Who Knew- Pink

  88. Tomorrow- Sixx AM

  89. Long Nights- Eddie Vedder

  90. Ordinary- Alternate Routes

  91. Dashboard- Modest Mouse

  92. Hard Life Easy- Satellite Party

  93. Awesome- Satellite Party

  94. Honest Goodbye- Bad Religion

  95. Two Sisters- Fiction Plane

  96. Jerusalem- Mastishayu

  97. All The Same- Sick Puppies

  98. Girl Sailor- The Shins

  99. Girls In The Summers Club- Bruce Springsteen

  100. What A Light- Wilco

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